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Foodie heaven in Woodbridge

On a visit to this delightful riverside town in Suffolk you’ll soon see why it’s regularly voted a foodie hotspot. The market square hosts a fortnightly farmers’ market, there’s some cracking gastropubs and the annual Woodbridge Shuck shellfish festival serves up delicious seafood.

Lying on the banks of the River Deben is Woodbridge Tide Mill, an 800-year-old water mill. On certain days you can watch flour being milled the traditional way.

UNearth treasures at Sutton Hoo

Across the river is Sutton Hoo, the site of a seventh-century ship burial - it's one of Britain’s most important archaeological discoveries of all time. When it was uNearthed in 1939, the ship was found to contain a hoard of Anglo-Saxon treasures, including a warrior king’s helmet, shield, gold and silver treasures.

Sutton Hoo is a large estate run by the National Trust where you can enjoy country walks and estuary views as well as learn more about the famous burial.

Track UFOs in Rendlesham Forest

Also Nearby is Rendlesham Forest, scene of the infamous Rendlesham UFO incident of 1980 when personnel at the local US airbase claimed they saw unidentified lights and objects in the forest. You might not spot anything strange yourself, but you can walk the UFO Trail to see what the mysterious objects were believed to have looked like.

Looking for a cheap hotel Near Woodbridge? Travelodge Ipswich Hotel is around seven miles away. Slightly further afield is Travelodge Ipswich Beacon Hill Hotel.