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Explore the Black Country

Situated in the Walsall Borough, Willenhall has superb, easy family walks around Willenhall Memorial Park with a cafe, childrens play area, skate park, tennis courts and sports pitches. Next to the Memorial Park, park up at Fibbersley Nature Reserve and explore one of Walsall's finest wetland areas. See if you can spot kestrels, grey herons, toads or the great crested newt (a protected species) as you walk around several networked ponds.

Learn about leather

Whilst the Black Country's coal mining history is well documented, did you know that Nearby Walsall has a background in the leather trade? This goes back to the Middle Ages where Walsall became a dominant player in the saddlery trade. During the 1900s, this industry employed circa 10,000 workers in the area. In 1988, Walsall opened the 'Walsall Leather Museum' with some fascinating exhibits, guided tours and workshops where you can watch experienced professionals crafting leather products by hand.

Get into pole position

If you're limited by the weather, why not take the opportunity to do some indoor go karting at Ace Karting Plus. Catering from aged 4 years old plus, enjoy the thrills of this 360 metre track at speeds up to 45mph all year round.