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Take in some scenic views at Aberdour

The historic and extremely attractive village of Aberdour in Fife may only be small, but it boasts a huge amount to see and do. History buffs will love the imposing Aberdour Castle and the medieval church, while nature enthusiasts will find a great deal of flora and fauna in the area. The village's two beaches - Black Sands and Silver Sands - are terrific places to unwind. There is some spectacular countryside surrounding the village, making it popular with hikers, cyclists and photographers.

Enjoy the culture at Aberdour Festival

Every year in late July and running into August, Aberdour Festival sees the village transformed as various arts, culture and music events take place, along with other fun activities. Although the festival only lasts a week, the arts scene is certainly very active the whole year round.

Try to spot some marine life

Not only are the two beaches great places to relax, they are also ideal for nature spotting. The Black Sands offers plenty of rockpools to explore, but the real excitement is out to sea - where whales, dolphins and porpoise can occasionally be seen from the shore. Looking for a cheap hotel Near Aberdour? Travelodge Dunfermline hotel is just 5 miles away.