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Welcome to Longridge

Longridge is a largely residential town in the Ribble Valley, nestled in the heart of Lancashire. Through much of its history, the area was a sparsely populated cluster of farms and hamlets with a regular market, until a great deal of development took place after 1800 when the industrial revolution started altering the socio-economic landscape of the north.

Discover Preston

Preston is a city that's steeped in Lancashire's industrial history, with links to the influential entrepreneur Thomas Arkwright. Today, a long history of rapid development has turned it into a dynamic and fascinating place. Its revitalised docks and marina especially are an example of how much the city's changed over the years, with a scattering of popular chain restaurants and modern shops. The Grade II listed Miller Arcade offers a range of great modern retail opportunities in a sophisticated, antique setting, and the Avenham and Miller Parks are wonderful places to unwind.

Lose yourself in Brockholes Nature Reserve

Based on the site of an industrial revolution quarry, Brockholes Nature Reserve is managed by the Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, and has been made into the ideal habitat for a many examples of British wildlife. Visitors can explore the 250-acre reserve over a large network of different trails running amongst picturesque lakes, keeping an eye out for kingfishers, ospreys, deer, otters, and more.

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