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Berkshire takes its name from the Celtic word, Bearroc, which means hilly, but the magnificent countryside is only a fraction of what the county can offer. And we're not the only ones who think so. It's been home to British monarchy for over 1,000 years. Stay in one of our hotels in Berkshire to experience its small town charm, quintessentially English countryside and riveting history. There's plenty to keep the kids entertained too for a memorable family getaway. Oh, and keep your eye out for Elton John. He lives here too.

Book hotels in Berkshire

Book a hotel in Berkshire and choose between TV and actual royalty. Windsor Castle is famous as it's where the Queen lives, so explore the state rooms to see what really makes a place 'fit for a queen.' The audio guides are great too. Our Langley Hotel is a 15-minute drive away, but detour slightly on the way back to visit the Ostrich Pub. Built in 1106, it's the third oldest pub in England, and more importanlty, the food is great. Bar Man Challenge: Make sure to ask about the three M's of the pub's interesting history � murder, mystery and the Magna Carta. Next, head to Highclere Castle where Downton Abbey was filmed. From our Newbury Tot Hill Hotel, you're a six-minute drive to transport you back to the time of Lord and Lady Grantham.

Things to do in Berkshire

There are countless options of things to do in Berkshire. After a 20-minute drive from our Newbury London Road Hotel, you'll find the Living Rainforest. Take your kids to learn about the rainforest habitat, and keep your eye out for the resident armadillo � is this Berkshire, Texas? Next up, there's Snelsmore Common Country Park. It's great for long walks free of strange creatures expect maybe a few wild ponies. Horse-riding is big thing here, as it's home to well-known racecourse Ascot. Experience the races before heading back to our Bracknall Central Hotel which is 3.4 miles away.