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Something for everyone

Within a short drive from our Hinkley Rd hotel you'll the Meridian Leisure Park. With a multiscreen cinema, arcades, bowling alley and kids soft play area this local, lively leisure park caters for all the family in one place. Along with its wide variety of restaurants, the leisure park offers a great day out.

Woodland walks and wild deer

Enjoy the stunning scenic walks at Bradgate Park, just three miles from Leicester Forest East. Within this 850 acre public park there are many landmarks to be discovered, all surrounded by beautiful landscapes and the occasional fallow deer running wild. Entry is free, just pay for parking.

Alternatively, just 11 minutes away, you will find Tropical Birdland. Take its woodland walks where you may spot kingfishers and squirrels or get close up to the parrots and enjoy the walk-through tropical aviaries.

The discovery of King Richard III

In August 2012, the remains of King Richard III were finally recovered in Leicester. The fascinating story behind his death and the archaeological hunt for his remains is told in a new, state-of-the art visitor Centre within walking distance of Leicester Forest East. Explore the extraordinary events of the Kings life and his hasty burial that created a 500 year old mystery and visit the exact place where his remains were found.

If you are looking to stay locally then look no further than Travelodge Hinckley Rd. Travelodge Leicester Central and Travelodge Markfield also offer great access to these attractions.