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Cambridge City Centre

Hear that whirring noise? That's the collective brain waves of the residents of university town Cambridge. Consumed by its 31 colleges and their influence, the city is still sparking creative and scientific revolutions. You can feel it the moment you step outside your hotel near Cambridge City Centre. An hour from London, this is indeed the perfect weekend break for both mind and body. FYI: It's the best UK urban area for cycling. A bike lock will grant you the time you need for its many shops, restaurants, colleges and museums.

Book hotels in Cambridge City Centre

Book a hotel near Cambridge City Centre and start with the colleges as they're all about a mile from our Cambridge Newmarket Road Hotel. St. John's, Magdalene or King's? Google Challenge: Find out where some of your heroes studied first � mild hero worship, if you will. Type in �University of Cambridge people� into Wikipedia. You'll scroll for ages � hundreds of the great minds � Darwin, Hawking et al. Next, try �a little piece of magic.� That's how one visitor described the Fitzwilliam Museum. It features wonders like a Swiss Army knife made by a Roman soldier 2000 years ago, and it's just a mile from our Cambridge Central Hotel. If modern art is more your thing, head to Kettle's Yard as it's only 1.7 mile drive from the hotel.

Things to do in Cambridge City Centre

A trip to Cambridge isn't complete without a punt down the Cam. Head two miles from our Cambridge Central Hotel to Scudamore's and hire a boat. From punts to planes � next, it's flight simulator time at the Virtual Aviation Centre. It's just 1.5 miles from our Cambridge Newmarket Road Hotel. Final test: A or B? Computers or cockatoos? A: Geek out at the Centre for Computing History. Plus, you can play games and even learn to code. B: Trek out of town to Linton Zoo and Gardens. It's home to rare birds, turtles, owls and tigers and is just 11.1 miles away from our Cambridge Newmarket Road Hotel