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It's the University of Cambridge that makes the county of Cambridgeshire such a well-known place, and no visit is complete without a wander around the institution that boasts so many great British minds, from Stephen Fry to Issac Newton, as alumni. But the university city isn't all there is to see in this county. Stay in a hotel in Cambridgeshire and be mesmerised by the quaint villages, vast landscape and city surprises. Surprise Number One: The first official game of football, with today's rules, was played here in 1848.

Book hotels in Cambridgeshire

Book a hotel in Cambridgeshire and you'll be inclined to make Cambridge your first stop. Locals here are naturals on two wheels, so rent bikes to get your bearings of both the city and surrounding countryside. After a long cyle, change your perspective and see the city from the River Cam. Enjoy the sights as you get chauffeured along in your boat. A great way to end a sunny summer day as our Cambridge Newmarket Road Hotel is only a 25-minute walk from one of the city's top punting companies. Don't leave without a wander around the world famous university. Kings College Chapel is a particular highlight. Study the wondrous ceiling as it's home to the world's largest fan vault. From here, our Cambridge Central Hotel is a 10-minute cycle away.

Things to do in Cambridgeshire

Further afield, we suggest a visit to Anglesey Abbey. Previously owned by a businessman who earnt his fortune selling paraffin, the house is grand and impressive. Walk through the manicured gardens to the nearby working watermill and be captivated ,watching the grain turn into flour. From here, travel eight miles to our Cambridge Orchard Park Hotel. For something different, treat yourself to a wine tasting at one of England's oldest vineyards. Tour Chilford Hall and see where and how they make their wines before trying them yourself. Our Cambridge Fourwentways Hotel is 5.3 miles away.