9th August 2013

A bad hair day results in women feeling moody for at least four hours and 26 minutes during the day

British women want to replicate Cheryl Cole’s, Holly Willoughby’s, Kelly Brook’s, Kate Middleton’s & Kim Kardashian’s hair style

Scouse girls spend the most on their locks each week - £46.26

Travelodge is offering female guests a free kit to help them create Cheryl Cole’s big hair style

The average British woman suffers 20 years* of bad hair days during her lifetime according to new research out today. On average, women across the UK are waking up with unruly hair at least three times during the week and each bad hair day is resulting in females spending at least four hours and 26 minutes feeling moody and depressed.

The psychological effect of a bad hair day is quite hair-raising as eight out of ten British women believe their supernatural strength, social acceptance and beauty lies in how good their hair looks. A bad hair day dramatically reduces their self esteem, confidence and self worth.

The in-depth hair study conducted by Travelodge surveyed 2,000 women to investigate how their hair affects their mood when they get up in the morning. Key findings revealed when women want to ooze self-confidence, be seductive and take on the world, it’s not the designer outfit, the killer heels or the freshly made-up face that carries them forward - like Samson, over half (52%) of British women believe their inner strength lies in their locks.

Other key findings from the study revealed that:

· Sixty seven per cent of women would mess up a job interview if they were experiencing a bad hair day

· Nearly half (49%) of the nation’s female workers reported they lose their self worth and do not perform to their normal standard in an important meeting or presentation if they are experiencing a bad hair day

· Sixty three per cent of women would cancel an important date if their hair was not looking its best.

· Fifty two per cent of women would cancel an outing with their friends if they did not feel good about their hair.

· A third (32%) of British female workers has rung in sick to avoid going into work with bad hair.

The study also revealed British women take their beauty cues from celebrities and a third of the UK female population currently favours big hair with bouncy curls such as the style donned by Cheryl Cole, Holly Willoughby, Kelly Brook, Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian.

Listed below are the top 10 most wanted celebrity hairstyles for 2013:

Cheryl Cole
Holly Willoughby
Kelly Brook
Kate Middleton
Michelle Keegan
Jennifer Aniston
Kim Kardashian
Kimberley Walsh
Anna Hathaway
10. Frankie Sandford

In response to these findings, and in a bid to help the millions of women that stay in Travelodge hotels, the budget hotel chain has created a bespoke ‘big hair kit’ with the help of Kate Wingrove from celebrities’ favourite hair salon, Trevor Sorbie. The kit includes the tools and guides on how women can create Cheryl Cole’s big bouncy hair style from the comfort of their hotel room or bedroom. The contents include:

A step by step video guide which demonstrates Kate creating a Cheryl Cole hairstyle on a Travelodge customer. To view the video just go to: www.travelodge.co.uk/news or click here

A revolutionary, three in one, rotating hairbrush which styles, dries and gives hair volume all at the same time. (This brush is currently being trialed in six Travelodge hotels. Locations include: Edinburgh Princes Street, Newcastle Central, Leeds Central, Liverpool Strand Central, London Covent Garden and Birmingham Central).

Kate Wingrove, Director at Trevor Sorbie London and Brighton salons said: “Copying celebrity hairstyles is all the rage at the moment as it’s an inexpensive way of looking and feeling like an A-list star. This season’s hot hair trend is big glamorous sexy hair as supported by popstar Cheryl Cole. This hairstyle suits all ages, face shapes and even various hair lengths with the aid of hair extensions.

“By watching the Travelodge ‘Haircast’ or reading the ‘Stylesheet’ women can now easily create the perfect hairstyle in five easy steps.”

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge spokeswoman, said: “Our research has revealed how incredible the impact of a woman’s hair has upon their mood when they get out bed every morning. Women feel like entirely different individuals when their hair does not behave. Having unmanageable tresses can make a woman feel tired, grumpy and less confident. In contrast a great hair day will make a woman feel sexy, confident and ready to take on the world. Therefore by offering female customers a free hair kit service to avoid a bad hair day, we can help them to feel and look amazing whilst staying in our hotels.”

Further research findings revealed that 68% of British women style and blow-dry their hair at home on average three times per week with each session taking around 20 minutes. This means accumulated over a lifetime the average woman will spend 146,640 minutes perfecting their hairdo - which works out to be just over 14 weeks during her lifetime**. For a special occasion women will invest even more time and spend on average 45 minutes styling their hair.

Having an immaculate blow dry is such a necessity for women in today’s fashion conscious world that a fifth (18%) of females religiously visit a hair salon on a weekly basis to boost their confidence by getting their hair professionally blow dried. This trip on average leaves a dent of £33.29 in their purses each week. Collectively, this equates to a whopping £118 million running through the nation’s hair salons tills every year***.

Other research findings revealed that when faced with a 'bad hair day' 13% of women try to get away with it by wearing a hat all day, while one in ten women over-do their make-up to compensate.

When it comes to being seen in public with bad hair, a third of British women would most hate their work colleagues to see them. Whilst a third of women hate the idea of friends seeing them without their usual sleek and shiny mane, a quarter of ladies don’t want their partners see them with bad hair.

Having a bad hair day has led to one in 20 women being dumped for being so grumpy, Twelve per cent of women have had huge rows with a partner simply because their barnet made them mad, while 14 per cent have been known to snap at their children.

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1. For more information please contact the Travelodge Press Office on 01844 358703 or email pressoffice@travelodge.co.uk

2. *Women spend 20 years of their life having a bad hair day:

On average women wake up with unruly hair at least three times every week:
3 x 52 = 156 bad hair day experiences a year
X 47 years (18yrs-65yrs) = 7,332 bad hair day experiences in a lifetime
7,332 bad hair days / 365 days in a year = 20 years

3. **The average woman will spend 146,640 minutes perfecting their hairdo - which works out to just over 14 weeks during her lifetime.

On average, 68% of British women style and blow-dry their hair at home on average three times a week with each session taking around 20 minutes
3 x 20 = 60 minutes per week spent styling and blow drying
60 x 52 = 3,120 minutes per year spent styling and blow drying
3,120 x 47 years (18yrs-65yrs) = 146,640 minutes per lifetime spent styling and blow drying
146,640 / 10,080 (minutes in a week) = 14.5 weeks

4. ***The £118m calculation is as follows:

18% of women visit a hair salon once a month to have their hair blow dried and styled.
The average cost of this is £33.29
Population figure of females aged 18-65 is 19,772, 900 (ONS)
18% of this is 3,559, 122 (*33.29) = £118,483,171 spent by women at salons styling hair to feel confident