18th October 2018

A third of workers are taking 50% more UK business trips


Britons prefer a face to face meeting and are travelling for business three days a week


Disorganised workers are wasting two hours and 28 mins packing for their business trip because they are stacking and flinging

To help workers pack for a three day business trip, Travelodge has created a simple VT guide here


Travelling for business is no longer seen as a perk but a necessity, as a new report out today has revealed that nearly half (46%) of British workers are  regularly  travelling for work purposes.

A third of Britons reported that they are now taking 50% more business trips.

Forty six per cent of workers stated that they are more productive when being away from the workplace and actually instigate business trips.  

These findings have been revealed in a new business travel study commissioned by Travelodge, which operates 568 hotels.  Key findings revealed although we live in a high tech savvy e-world, British workers prefer a face to face meeting and on average are now travelling for business three days a week. 

Eight out of ten (85%) of workers believe it’s vital to invest time travelling to see clients and work colleagues face to face as its benefits their relationships, supports the company’s brand reputation and increases revenues.

Nearly four out to ten workers (39%) reported that travelling has helped to improve their skill-set and confidence.  

However being away from the work place does have its consequences as workers reported that on average they spend five hours of their personal time catching up on work that they have missed whilst being away for business.   

Eighty six per cent of adults reported that they hate packing for a work trip and will spend on average two hours and 28 mins packing for each trip.

A quarter of workers stated that they find packing for a business trip more stressful than actually preparing for their meeting or presentation. 

The report also revealed that on average the typical business traveller will forget to pack two essential items. The top five most popular items business travellers forget to pack are:   

1.  Toothbrush

2.  Phone Charger

3.  Toothpaste

4.  Deodorant

5.  Socks/tights  

Interestingly when surveyed 45% ofbusiness travellers reported that they could not leave home without their toothbrush and phone charger.  On average workers will fork out around £40 on replacing items they have forgotten to pack.

British workers have also become ‘tech travellers’ and will carry at least three devices and gadgets to support them whilst away on business. 

The report also delved into British workers packing styles and findings revealed that eight out of ten workers are not packing efficiently. Just a quarter (20%) of British workers pack like a pro and use the rolling technique as recommended by experts. Over half of adults (52%) like to stack their clothes and a fifth (28%) are ‘flingers’ and throw everything into the case and hope for the best.          

British Workers Packing Style 







Format of Packing







Stack clothes and items starting with the biggest items at the bottom and working up to the smaller items






Throwing everything into the case with no order or folding







Roll clothes and arrange in an orderly manner


To help workers pack for a three day business trip, Travelodge has created a simple VT guide here


Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge Spokesperson said: Travel has become a big part of modern business, thanks to technology. Nowadays you can potentially work anywhere. Our bookings data supports the research findings, as over the last 24 months we have experienced a significant rise in business customers staying in our 568 hotels. Today, business travellers account for more than half of our sales and we are seeing businesses of all sizes switching from high end hotels to value travel brands such as Travelodge.”

The report also revealed home comforts are important to British workers when travelling on business. A quarter of adults reported that they pack their favourite tea bags when travelling for work. A fifth will pack their favourite pyjamas and one in ten adults listen to their favourite songs to avoid getting home sick.      

Travelodge’s Top Five Packing Tips: 

List It                                                                                       

Save yourself time and effort and make a list of everything that you need for your trip. Choose one main colour scheme for clothing.


Roll It

Roll your clothes. This helps to maximize space and minimize wrinkles.

Try the bundle technique. Carefully wrap each item around the core, with underwear and t-shirts at the centre and large tailored items like jackets and dresses on the outer layer.


Keep It

Keep a separate toiletry kit for travelling and regular replenish it.


Charge It

Invest in one compatible charger for all your devices and take a portable battery pack to ensure you are charged throughout your trip.


Enjoy It

Remember to pack a treat or a home comfort for that ‘ahhh’ moment 





Notes to editors:

The survey was conducted with a sample of 2,000 British workers.


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