15th February 2021

In a world dominated by the doom and gloom of the Covid-19 pandemic, one thing that is prevailing in these uncertain times, is kindness. Nearly half (46%) of Britons report, that they have become kinder in order to help restore faith in humanity. 

Fifty four per cent (54%) of adults would even go as far as rating themselves ‘seven out of ten’ on the ‘kindness barometer’ which measures their kind-heartedness in their daily actions.  In addition, 48% of Britons has pledged to give at least one random act of kindness each day. These findings have been revealed in a new kindness study out today to mark Random Acts of Kindness Week.       

Over a third (34%) of Britons believes random acts of kindness are contagious and a quarter (25%) of adults in 2020, have been inspired by Captain Sir Tom Moore to become a more giving and kind person.

The study conducted by Travelodge surveyed 2,000 British adults to gain an in-depth view of Britons views of random acts of kindness. Every day the company’s 563 hotel teams across the UK go the extra mile and perform random acts of kindness for their guests and within their local communities.

Recent examples include: the hotel manager at Milton Keynes Central Travelodge, Dawn Knighthelping a homeless guest called Sandra Vaz with a new start in life as a Travelodge Receptionist. At the start of 2020, Sandra lost her job as a coffee shop manager and her relationship ended – these factors created a domino effect in Sandra’s life which resulted in her sleeping in her car for three months. Sandra was all alone and in May her local council provided temporary accommodation at Milton Keynes Central Travelodge. 

The hotel team welcomed Sandra and made her feel comfortable and helped her with basic essentials. Sandra’s confidence grew due to the kindness shown by the hotel team and Dawn the hotel manager saw huge potential in Sandra and helped set up an interview for a reception role in a nearby Travelodge hotel. Sandra got the role and used her first pay check to secure rented accommodation. Dawn’s act of kindness has helped Sandra secure a future and an opportunity to climb the career ladder at Travelodge into a management position.    

Sophie Owen, hotel manager at Warrington Central Travelodge rallied her team and local colleagues a few weeks ago to provide urgent accommodation for 40 flood victim families – who had to evacuate their homes due to the damage caused by storm Christoph. The families are so grateful to Sophie and her team for their random act of kindness in their darkest hour.

The team at at Birmingham Airport Travelodge, helped an elderly distressed couple from Australia who were in their 90’s when they lost their phone and could not contact their family. A team member went out in her lunch break and purchased a pay as you go mobile phone and prepaid card and helped the couple trace their family contact numbers. The couple were speechless by the team’s act of kindness and were eternally grateful to have a phone whilst they travelled back home.                   

Further research findings revealed that during the Covid-19 pandemic 56% of Britons have experienced on average three acts of unexpected kindness from a stranger, and it is the simplest gestures that have touched us the most. This includes a stranger saying “Hello” whilst out walking. Being greeted with a smile and a “How are you today?” from a delivery driver and a lost forgotten friend getting in touch to see how you are doing.          

The report also revealed that 42% of adults stated that that when a stranger does something nice unexpectedly it makes their day extra special and it encourages them to do something nice for someone too.    

The study also asked Britons to nominate their ‘Kindness Hero’ – an individual who has inspired them due to their kindness actions, to be more thoughtful and kinder during the Covid-19 pandemic. One hundred year old, Captain Sir Tom Moore, a true hero who gave the nation hope during the pandemic and raised over £33 million for NHS charities secured first position as the nation’s ‘Kindness Hero’.


Footballer and philanthropist, Marcus Rashford MBE, takes second place in the ‘Kindness Hero’ poll for his campaigning to end child food poverty and make meals accessible for children during the lockdown and school holidays.


Six year old, Frank Mills stole the nation’s heart wining third place in the ‘Kindness Hero’ awards. Frank who has Spina Bifida was inspired by Captain Sir Tom Moore and took on a personal challenge to walk 10 metres every day and raised over £280,000 for NHS charities.   


Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Advisor to the UK Government took fourth in the nation’s ‘Kindness Hero’ poll. Since March 2020, Chris Whitty has played a key role in the response to the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK.  The Body Coach, Joe Wicks MBE took fifth place in the nation’s ‘Kindness Hero’ poll. Joe’s fitness workouts during the lockdowns changed people’s lives and encouraged children to exercise at home.   


Detailed below are the nation’s top 10 Kindness Heroes

1   Captain Sir Tom Moore

2   Marcus Rashford

3   Frank Mills

4   Chris Witty 

5   Joe Wicks

6   Annemarie Plas

7   David Attenborough

8   Prince William & Duchess of Cambridge

9   Rishi Sunak

10. The Queen 


Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge spokeswoman said: “One key thing that we are experiencing across our hotels is that kindness is prevailing in these challenging and tumultuous times.  Our research also shows that kindness is contagious and has been spreading far and wide across the UK during the Covid-19 pandemic. We are so proud of our 563 UK hotel teams that go the extra mile every day for their guests and for their local community. Their kindness is making a real difference to people’s lives whether it is helping flood victims, making goody bags for NHS guests, helping a customer deliver a baby or helping a homeless person with a new start in life.”     





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