13th October 2023

Travelodge’s £4 million 'Top Up Your Trolley' scheme gives 12,200  employees supermarket vouchers worth up to £250 to help out during  the ongoing cost of living crisis  

Travelodge has granted employees up to £250 worth of vouchers to redeem at  supermarkets and retailers, including Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Aldi,  Iceland, John Lewis and Waitrose  

The ‘Top Up Your Trolley’ scheme is available to over 12,200 hourly paid and salaried  employees in the UK  

Travelodge has invested a total of £4 million in the voucher scheme, with the  company covering the tax and national insurance bill on behalf of employees 

Travelodge, the UK’s largest independent hotel chain which operates nearly 600 hotels,  has provided over 12,200 employees with £250 supermarket vouchers amid the ongoing  cost of living crisis.  

The ‘Top Up Your Trolley’ scheme will see Travelodge give employees a voucher worth  between £150 and £250 to pay for goods from a set of nominated supermarkets and  retailers - including Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Aldi, Iceland, John Lewis and  Waitrose. 

Travelodge has invested a total of £4 million to carry out the voucher scheme, with the  company covering the tax bill on behalf of employees.  

Travelodge recognises the hard work and dedication of employees as pressures on the  cost of living continue to be a concern for many across the UK.  

The company also offers a range of employee benefits, including 50% off Travelodge's UK  hotels, room discounts for family and friends, work anniversary booking vouchers, and the  Travelodge Wellbeing Programme 'Better Me'.  

Hannah Thomson, Chief People Officer, Travelodge said: “The rising cost of living  continues to be a concern for many across the UK as we see the impact of higher food  prices and the rising cost of essentials. The ‘Top Up Your Trolley’ vouchers are designed  to give our hard-working colleagues a bit of extra help. The vouchers can be spent over  the next six months – so they can either help today or in the next few months with the  Christmas shop or brightening up January.” 


Travelodge Employee Benefits  

Travelodge offers a great range of benefits, available to new joiners from their first day of  employment. These benefits include: 

50% off Travelodge’s UK hotels 

Room discounts for family and friends 

Work anniversary complimentary booking voucher 

Pension scheme 

Discounts at a range of retailers 

Employee Assistance Programme 

Life Assurance

Travelodge Wellbeing Programme - ‘Better Me’ 

The Travelodge wellbeing programme ‘Better Me’ recognises that true wellbeing is  dependent on a number of elements and, through listening to its colleagues’ the company  has responded with a wide range of successful initiatives to support financial, emotional,  physical and work health. For further information on Travelodge employee benefits please  visit: https://www.travelodge.co.uk/applicantPortal/benefits

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