Our top tips for finding a room under £39

We’ve got thousands of rooms under £39 and finding one’s really simple, just follow the steps below to find an amazing value room.

Try our Best Price Finder
Our Best Price Finder is where you’ll find our best prices for the places you want to go. Simply click on our Best Price Finder, type in a place you want to go, or even your ideal budget and find the right place at the right price for you.
Book direct Always book direct
You will always find our lowest prices on our website.
Book early
The best value rooms are snapped up early. Rooms can be booked up to 325 days in advance, so the earlier you book, the more likely you’ll get a room under £39.
Stay midweek
Rooms under £39 tend to be available Sunday-Thursday. You can find rooms under £39 on Friday and Saturday nights, they’re very popular and tend to get booked quickly, so remember to book early. They’re easy to find on our Best Price Finder.
Location, location, location
Rooms under £39 are available throughout the UK and from £55 in London – amazing value can be found everywhere.
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