Travelodge Cookie Policy



We use cookies and similar technologies such as tags, tracking pixels etc. on the Travelodge website ( and the Travelodge mobile application to keep our website working, to give you the best experience on our website and to ensure any communications from Travelodge are relevant to you.

This Cookie Policy is to inform you about the cookies we and our partners set and how they are used so that you can make an informed choice about using our website and mobile application.

A cookie is a small text file that can be stored by your browser on the device you use to access the internet and allows the browser to pass small amounts of information about user behavior on the given website to a web server. Other technologies such as a pixel or a piece of code in the form of tags or analysis of certain characteristics to identify a device used to access our website can be used instead of cookies. Collectively we refer to all of these technologies throughout this Cookie Policy as “Cookies”.

At Travelodge we use our own Cookies, as well as those from third parties, to enable the smooth operation of our website, such as the use of the basket function or to automatically log you in when you visit our website (with your permission). We also use Cookies to monitor visits to our website and continuously look for places to improve your overall website experience. Our marketing partners also use Cookies to monitor the performance of our advertising and to provide appropriate Travelodge advertisements to you on other websites.


Cookie Consent


The first time you access a Travelodge website, you will be informed about our use of Cookies and you will have the ability to decide which, if any, of the non-essential Cookies you wish to allow, or if you want to accept all Cookies. 

Your Cookie selection will be recorded against the device you used to visit the website and your choice will be recorded and maintained for 3 months from the last time you visited our website.


What Cookies We Use


The following lists the types of Cookies used on our website and what we use them for:

Essential Cookies- These are Cookies that allow you to book hotels on our website in a secure and user-friendly manner. They also allow us to maintain a stable service on our website through periods of high traffic to the website. These cannot be disabled.

Performance CookiesThese Cookies help us improve our website by analysing the performance of all our web pages and your use of the website anonymously. With this information we can find out if any of our pages are not as user friendly as we would like them to be.

Advertising CookiesThese Cookies allow us to provide you with Travelodge advertising on other websites you visit that are based on hotel locations you have previously searched for on our website. This is to ensure we only present you with advertisements that are relevant to you.

A full list of the Individual Cookies we set can be found here.

How to control Cookies


You can decide which cookies to allow, block or delete by following the instructions provided by your internet browser. Alternatively, you can manage your Cookie preferences with Travelodge at any time by using our Cookie Consent Tool. Using this tool will maintain your preferences for 3 months from the last time you visited our website after which you will be asked to select your preferences again. 

Cookies are specific to individual browsers, so if you use more than one browser you will need to block or delete (non-essential) Cookies on each browser.  Please be aware that by rejecting Cookies you may not receive the optimum website experience.

To find out more about cookies and other technologies, including how to see what cookies have been set on a browser and how to manage and delete them, please visit