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Great reasons to book with Travelodge:

- Our prices are per room, not per person
- Pre-paying at the time of booking means speedy check in and no need to check out
- Book up to 9 rooms - if you need 10 rooms or more book through our Group Booking Desk
- Early birds can get the best saver deals by booking early, up to 11 months in advance
- Our Flexible rate allows you to change/cancel up to 12 noon on the day of arrival
- For convenience you can add dinner, breakfast, WiFi, Early Check In or Late Check Out to your booking
- Save time by registering your details at 'My Travelodge' , allowing you to manage and search for your recent bookings quickly

*Charges apply.

Our room prices explained:

Saver Rates**   

Planning a night away and don’t want to spend a fortune, our saver rate is available at most hotels. But book early for the best deal!                                                

  • Great value, starting from £29
  • Pay in advance
  • Non-refundable, non transferable, non amendable

Flexible Rates

Whether you're travelling on business or leisure, our flexible rate allows you to be just that! Available every night, at every hotel.

  • Pay in advance
  • Book up to the date of arrival
  • May be cancelled or amended up to midday on date of arrival without charge
  • Available at all hotels

All rates are subject to availability at time of booking. T&C's apply. All rates are pre-paid and must be paid for at time of booking using a credit/debit card. 

** Saver rates are non-refunable, non transferable and non amendable.